My Sweet Sabbatical, Spring 2015

Sabbatical Leave application
Sabbatical Blog
Sabbatical Report

Online Content Created During Sabbatical:
World Wonders Unit
What is a Good Career for Me? Web Quest
Transitions 4 ESL Site
Reading / Writing Online Unit (Symbolism) on Group Wiki (TESOL course)
Career Choices
Valuable Lessons

Although this course fell outside the dates of my sabbatical, I also took the following courses to complete the TESOL Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program. These were the final courses I completed in Fall 2015 and my projects and certificates for these courses:

"Creating and Using Multimedia for Online Instruction"
Asking Questions (Politely!) (Embedded Questions Unit)

"Certificate Completion Course"
Phrasal Verbs

@ONE online teaching certificate