10th Annual Languages Conference, San Diego Mesa College

Friday, April 12, 2013

Will Technology Stimulate the Motivatation of Language Learners?

Kristi Reyes, Noncredit ESL, MiraCosta College, kreyes@miracosta.edu and OTAN

Presentation PowerPoint:


Digital images / PowerPoint slides
See samples from ESL
Inductive grammar instruction/presentation, vocabulary
Video with audio / dialog (commercials,
TV programs, news clips, movie scenes, music videos)
Top down (main ideas, message, topic, context) and bottom up (sounds, words, details) listening skills; note-taking; exposure to authentic language and cultural situations
Video shorts with no audio
See / download samples
Grammar practice – speaking/writing prompts; vocabulary development
Game Templates (Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, etc.)
Online Tools for Web-based games
Review of any course content (vocabulary, reading, grammar); formative assessment; team competitions and fun
(with app available on itunes)
Search for and use pre-made vocabulary sets in many languages or make and share with students your own lists

Vocabulary study/review (flashcards, audio dictation/spelling, self-testing, and games)
Text-to-speech supports many languages

Short presentations that combine writing, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation by creating a speaking avatar (text to speech or record by phone, upload audio, or record via Web site)
Dvolver Movie Maker (digital film)
MakeBeliefsComix (comic strips - supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Latin)
(see **Beyond Dialog and Drill** for ideas on use, other Web sites, and directions)
Comic Life (software for Apple products)
PowerPoint or Word with speech and thought bubbles (with or without voice narration)
  • To insert speech/though bubbles, simply click on "Insert" and "Shapes"
  • Instructions for adding narration to PowerPoint slides:

Dialogs to practice target grammar and vocabulary in writing and speaking by creating a digital movie or comic strip and presenting it
(with app available on itunes)
Rosa Arceo (MiraCosta College) Spanish class sample https://voicethread.com/share/660019/
Kristi Reyes ESL pronunciation sample and feedback to an individual student/diagnostic.

Asynchronous “conversations” around many types of files (images, documents, slideshows, videos) by written text, recorded voice, or video.
(with app available on itunes)
Vestimenta sample
ESL Student sample
Pasatiempos sample (courtesy of David Detwiler, Spanish teacher at MiraCosta College)
Multimedia, interactive “poster” presentations/ integrated-skills projects (text, images, graphics, video, audio, music, hyperlinks)
Digital Stories
(imovie, Windows Movie Maker, SonicPics app, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Microsoft Photo Story or MS PowerPoint with narration, transitions, and timed settings)
See Blog for samples and many resources.
Integrated-skills projects: narrative writing that combines images, special effects, music, and voice-over narration (a turning point, autobiography, a cultural feature where target language is spoken, my vacation, etc.). Great for creating community in the classroom!
See List of Topics.
Student-produced video (video editing with Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier, imovie). See Student Video Projects for prompts and ideas.
Integrated-skills, team-based projects: students are given a topic on which they storyboard, write and practice a script, assemble props/costumes, shoot and edit video, present video.
Possible topics for language courses:
Introduce oneself/classmate to teacher/classmates, idioms/proverbs, any dialogs, my family, my house, my neighborhood, job interview, commercials, what I’m wearing today, introduce self/classmates, shopping dialogs, what to do when visiting…, custom of …, interview/talk show (role play a famous person from X country), cultural or family tradition, about my job, dramatize a folk story or fable, dramatize chapter summaries of a short novel, Public Service Announcement, tips for success (as a student, employee, language learner, etc.), classroom or school rules, campus tour, do's and don'ts for good etiquette in target culture, how new year is celebrated in target culture, preparing a special food/dish/ of target culture
Practicing target language online (with an account) with a native speaker (38 languages)