Evidence-Based Writing Instruction Lesson Plan and Materials, CALPRO, Fall 2014

Kristi Reyes, MiraCosta College

My article about the EBWI Community of Practice, reprinted from MCC noncredit ESL newsletter in CALPROgress newsletter, 2015

Lesson Plan

Personal Logo Project Prompt

My sample personal logo

Directions for how to make a logo on PowerPoint (students could also draw their logos, use Web sites FlamingText, or use any other programs they know, such as Paint or Photoshop):

PowerPoint for Lesson Plan

Summative Feedback
for paragraph

for presentation

Samples of students' work
Logo Paragraph Sample 1.JPG
Logo Paragraph Sample 2.JPG
Logo Paragraph Sample 3.JPG
Logo Paragraph Sample 4.JPG

Logo Paragraph Sample 5.JPG