Workshop 4: Digital Storytelling


  • Introduction to Digital Storytelling
  • Write script and make storyboard
  • Create PowerPoint and convert to images (.jpgs) Note: To save time and use copyright-free clip art.
  • Choose a music file and move to project folder. For copyright-free music to download at a later time, see
  • Windows Movie Maker:
  • General intro to interface
  • Import images and music and drag to storyboard
  • Add a title
  • Add effects and transitions
  • Narrate the timeline
  • Save project
  • Render movie
  • Save on USB or burn onto CD


The end project will be a short digital story!

Elements of Digital Stories


More about digital storytelling from another presentation (ESL-/foreign language-specific): CATESOL 2009 ESL Digital Storytelling
Audacity -- free downloadable audio recoder/editor (newest version):
Audacity quick guide (older version):
To be able to export your audio file as an .mp3, make sure to also download the LAME encoder on the Audacity download page.

Very easy Audacity directions for students:

PowerPoint about Digital Storytelling:
external image Storytelling.ppt
Storyboard:external image msword.pngDigital Storytelling Storyboard Sheet.doc
external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.pngESL Digital Storytelling.docx
external image msword.pngMovie Maker handout.doc
external image msword.pngRipping music from a CD.doc

Links Related to Digital Storytelling

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Option 2: Have students do a digital story for a class project (as an alternative to an oral presentation, paper, or test, for example)

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