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Audience Response Systems : AKA “clickers”clickers.jpg

  • started in Hollywood as a way to poll audiences on their reactions to TV programs, commercials, and movies
  • popularity has been growing in the business world, for use in conventions, and in recent years in the classroom
  • quick way to measure students' attainment of learning outcomes and engage passive learners

How clickers work
· Presenter asks a question to an audience (yes/no, true-false, multiple choice, or likert-scale/rating) using a presentation software add in (e.g., PowerPoint, Word) and USB device.
· Question displayed to the audience via a projector wired to the computer.
· Audience votes using with a hand-held remote that works wirelessly.
· Audience Response System hardware receives each remote's infrared or radio frequency waves.
· When the polling ends, the software tabulates the results and displays them in a chart -- pie, bar graph, line graph, which can be downloaded for saving

Available for check-out at CLC
We have two sets you can check out via the portal Help Desk. These sets are made by the company Turning Point. For more information, download this handout or visit the links below.

· View training videos, attend an online training webinar, or get training from qualified faculty or staff. Online video tutorials and online training information available on the Turning Point Web site.
· Download Turning Point 4.2.1 version for use in making your own interactive PowerPoint slideshows on your own computer.
· Email me if you would like to see samples for use in ESL.

Educational Benefits

· quiet students participate
· get input and feedback from every student in the classroom
· encourage risk-taking
· classroom assessment technique for knowing if students comprehend class material
· increase classroom participation and attentiveness
· real-time answers and feedback
· fun

Online alternative:

Poll Everywhere www.polleverywhere.com - poll by texting with cell phones or online see article and directions.

More information on Audience Response Systems: