Checking In: Using Technology for Formative Assessment



1. Pre-made games and quizzes online at ESL Games World (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, reading, spelling) and Road to Grammar
  • Samples:
Simple past spelling game
Wheel of Fortune Conjunctions Prepositions soccer game

2. Find or make your own interactive exercises, quizzes with popular sites
A. Quia -- search for ESL-related content, sign up for free 30-day trial, or subscribe and pay $49/year
  • Sample: Irregular plurals
  • Create classes and track quiz results.
  • Maintain an online schedule and calendar.
  • Upload images and audio clips.
  • Copy and modify any of Quia's three million activities to suit your own needs.
  • Games/exercises/activities: matching, flashcards, concentration, word search, battleship, jumbled words, ordered list, scavenger hunt, cloze
  • Quiz question types: Multiple choice, True-false, Pop-up, Multiple correct, Fill-in, Initial answer, Short answer, Essay, Matching, Ordering

  • Samples:

Computer Use
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Ratings sample

C. ESLVideo -- quizzes based on online video -- search for pre-made exercises for make your own.

D. VoiceThread -- group conversations (text, audio, video) around a file (image, document, video, slideshow, etc.)
  • Sample (pronunciation):

3. PowerPoint or other slideshow software
A. Board Races (teams)
B. Self-paced exercises with hyperlinks
C. Game templates for download at

Software and Hardware
4. Microsoft Mouse Mischief -- PowerPoint add-in with the ability to use multiple mice

6. Audience Response Systems (AKA "clickers")

7. Cell Phones
A. Cell Phone Texting
Mobile Phones in the Classroom Video on OTAN
B. PollEverywhere** -- cell phone text messaging and/or computer polling with instant results - responses displayed in PowerPoint or on the Web