Annual CATESOL Conference, San Diego

November 2016


Paths to Success
San Diego Regional CATESOL Conference
March 12, 2016

Web-Based Video Lessons: "Lean Forward" Engaging Experiences

Presented by Mariana Silva and Kristi Reyes, MiraCosta College

TED-ed and Zaption are free Web sites that allow you to create customizable lessons around online video and track student performance.



Use as-is, customize pre-made lessons from short TED Talks or create a new lessons using videos from EdTed Original, Ted Talk or YouTube videos

Lessons include the following:
  • Let's Begin: short introduction (warm-up activity like questions about the topic)
  • Watch: Pre-viewing questions for discussion/thought
  • Think: Up to 15 multiple choice or open-answer questions to answer after viewing the video
  • Dig Deeper: Extra reading, links to related online content, or assignment prompts
  • Discuss: Online discussion board where students can reflect to provided questions or can have open discussion on the topic(s) of the video
  • And Finally: Closing thoughts or something for students to ponder

Students do not need to register to see the video and all the questions. However, they need to create a free log in to be able to respond to the instructor's questions.

"Review Student Work" to track students' progress

Share by emailing or posting link on a social networking site or Web page
Copy and customize lessons from the gallery or create a new lesson from YouTube video or upload video you create to YouTube and make a lesson

Questions can be placed on the video where you want students to focus and answer

Question types include the following:
  • Open response
  • Numerical response
  • Multiple choice
  • Check boxes
  • Drawn response
  • Discussion

Now with Zaption Presenter, which can be used in a whole-class video viewing session with real-time polling

Students do not need to register

View and track students' progress/activity with Analytics

Share by email, social networking site, linking or embedding on a Web page, or by creating a group


TED-Ed How-to:

On Stereotyping-The Danger of a Single Story
Personality types; introverts and extroverts:


App on iTunes
Use the site to find or create your own tours using online video to which you can include in-video explanations and questions, providing students with interactive listening/viewing experiences.

Grammar Prompts - Embedded Questions
Reading - Reading a College Class Schedule
Listening (EL Civics Education practice): Applying and Registering for College Classes

Zaption How-to:

Similar tools:

eduCanon (see OTAN article - need to register as a member to view), ESL Video, Bubblr, EDpuzzle (iOS, Chrome, Android apps and YouTube extensions)